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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to make all those holes in the wall to hang my art?
A: There are lots of alternatives. One that we use when staging is the removable picture hooks available in most hardware stores.
If you can hang a long wall shelf, it's a great way to display your art. But if you really can't hang anything use low shelving units, storage ottomans or even a collection of trunks. Line a grouping against a long wall and simply lean your art against the wall. You not only have a focal point but can easily change the display - and no holes!

Q: How can I brighten up the doldrums of winter without tropical travel?
A: One way is to increase the light in your home. You can do this by:
    ♦ painting a light colour on strategic walls
    ♦ hanging well placed mirrors to bring light into otherwise darker areas
    ♦ installing 'interior windows' but check with a structural engineer first

Q: What can I do to get ready to sell?
A: We suggest you follow these three basic steps: ‘de-clutter, de-personalize & clean’ your property. You will be amazed at the difference this will make and you can pat yourself on the back (when it’s done) for all your hard work! Following these simple steps may seem obvious or even perhaps unimportant but can you afford to take them for granted? Not anymore in this or any market. Research indicates that buyers make up their mind within the first 10 seconds of viewing your property and spend the rest of the time finding justification for their decision. Give them every reason to buy YOUR home!

The Basic Rules of Design

We often get asked about the rules of decorating. The good news is that there are no rules! There is a lot of common sense and yes, there are some practical guidelines to follow.

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