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After InterioDeco Redesign

To sell your home you need to set your property apart from the rest. The way you live in your home is not the way you sell your house. Staging puts your home "on stage" to appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers.

Today's buyers tend to be busy people who just want to move right in. To remove these barriers, expect to invest about 0.5% to 3% of the listing price. This should be more than paid back by a better selling price, less hassle and a faster sale.

Our services range from consultation to fully furnishing a vacant property.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!


  •  that's right!  We give your home a spacious look using your existing furnishings. INTERIO♦DECO's staging professionals have all the necessary skills to edit and re-arrange your furniture and accessories to create that welcome home feeling for prospective buyers


  • if you only need a few accessories for an updated look or you need a truckload, we know where to get it at the best price. Cost varies on rooms to be staged, square footage and the market segment you are appealing to. A home with the right furniture and accessories just feels more loved than an empty one


  • staging can present a wide variety of options to increase the salability of your house. This can include painting with updated and neutral colours, repairs or even minor renovations to some of those 'problem areas'  inside or out you have learned to live with


Interior Decorating

InterioDeco design

You have a vision. INTERIO♦DECO helps you put it all together, making your rooms more attractive, comfortable and functional. Interior Decorating can go from rearranging furniture or choosing paint colours to buying a new sofa or choosing window treatments. We offer a wide range of services to our clients including:

  • getting started - we will work with you to develop your decorating plan, from a single room to your whole home, with a goal of saving you time, money and stress
  • time to paint - our Colour Consultation services will use your personality and taste to give life to your rooms. There are many things to consider before you make those all-important decisions and we can help steer you in the right direction
  • buying new furniture - we will work with you to develop a space plan for your room to ensure you get the right pieces 
  • got some hang-ups? - effectively hanging your art or showcasing a collection will give new life and importance to your treasures


InterioDeco Staging

Re-Design can be described as ’interior rearrangement’. It is the art of giving your home a new look or function utilizing the things you already own. In Re-Design we highlight your personal treasures and maximize the use of your existing space for a fresh new look.

  • change your room from ordinary to extraordinary in just one day to create more comfort and function in your home
  • inject new possibilities into your current home when new furnishings or moving are not options
  • need some ideas to showcase a collection? a Re-Designed room can help reflect your personality 
  • inherited some antiques or merging households? we bring our objective view to sort through the duplication and create an effective arrangement for living 
  • setting up after your move? Get that staged look right from the start in your new home

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As every project is unique we get together to discuss your décor needs then provide you with a personal written quotation for your specific job.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you meet your staging, interior decorating and re-design needs.

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